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How Supporting Small Businesses Will Give You The Best And Most Unique Wedding Ever

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

unique wedding cake support small businesses after COVID-19 coronavirus

The COVID-19-related lockdown is slowly lifting, and last week, non-essential shops finally started to open. There are still a few weeks to go until we can get our roots done at the hairdresser – the official date for salons here in the UK currently is July 4th – but we’re glad to see that many businesses are already thriving in such a short space of time. It breaks our hearts to see that not every business made it over the lockdown period, which is why lending your support to your favourite one – whether it’s a small boutique or a family-run coffee shop – has never been more important.

Every business needs supporting right now, and the small ones in particular need all the help they can get. As Adrienne Shoes is a very small business built from years of hard work, endless sleepless nights, daily sacrifices, and an undeniable and unrivalled passion for our craft, we understand what goes into running and maintaining a small business. There’s room for every single business to succeed, and we believe that our own success is not determined by the failure of someone else’s, which is why we want to share the love.

If your wedding was postponed due to Coronavirus and you need to find some new vendors for your new date, then we have some great suggestions for you – especially if you want to support a small business. Going down the small business route means you are helping someone realise their passion and bring their vision to life, while also giving them the financial help to continue to live their dreams and grow their business.

Choosing a small cake designer as opposed to the big wedding bakery that everyone else uses might also mean that your cake stands out from the crowd, and you get a unique cake that no one else has seen before.

Here are a few ways that you can lend your support to small businesses during your wedding planning journey…

Postpone, But Pay Early

Pay vendors according to your original schedule as opposed to the newly postponed one – assuming that you have the same vendors, of course. And if you want to go the extra mile, you could pay them even earlier! This means that they might be able to pay for their rent on their home or business premises, or buy new equipment that they may need in light of the COVID situation. Don’t forget that many businesses – food and drinks businesses in particular – will have additional expenses now in order to keep everyone safe…

Donate Your Existing Order

If you have paid a non-refundable deposit for something like flowers or catering, don’t let that deposit go to waste. Send the flowers to local charities or to your NHS heroes, or redirect the food to homeless shelters and other people in need. This not only does good for the community, but it spreads the word of the small business, and gets its name out there.

Consider A Different Date

Consider weekday weddings – especially if the new date is sooner rather than later. Going for a weekday wedding is a win/win for couples as well as small businesses. Not only could you be saving big bucks by going for a weekday wedding, but your new wedding date may come earlier, and the support for the small businesses will therefore come quicker. Plus, you'll be wearing your wedding dress and dancing the night away a whole lot sooner – and who doesn't want that?

Take Advantage Of The Local Businesses

Whether you’re getting married in your home town or have chosen a quaint village on the other side of the country, there will most likely be more than a handful of local businesses that would be happy to help you on your big day. Send the entire bridal party to a local beautician for their pre-wedding waxing and pampering, and hire out a local salon to do the bridesmaids and mother of the bride and groom’s hair on the big day. Small businesses have been proven to give more attention and go the extra mile…

Share And Share Alike

Sharing is caring. If you’ve already chosen your vendor, promote their work on social media. Add them on Instagram and share their previous work. Not only will sharing the wedding band support the business and potentially get them some more business, but it will get your friends in the party mood and get them excited for your big day.

Ps: even if you like someone’s work but have chosen another vendor, adding them on social media and sharing some of their creations will still go a long way.

PPs: our Instagram is @Adrienne.Shoes, and our Facebook page is Adrienne Shoes

Our social media is the first place to look to get updates on brand new products, new blog posts, competitions, discounts, style inspiration, and much more. See you there!

Tag, You’re It

And speaking of sharing. Share a few of your favourite wedding snaps on social media – Instagram is probably best here – and tag the appropriate vendors. A picture of you and your new husband posing gleefully next to your wedding cake? Tag the small bakery! An image of your banquet hall before the guests arrive? Tag the small business who organised the wedding favours, the calligrapher who wrote the place settings, and the room designer who put everything together at the last minute. There are so many things that could go unnoticed in pictures, so let’s all band together and make sure that their hard work is appreciated.

Write Reviews

Akin to the marriage, the love doesn’t end after the last dance at the wedding. If you enjoyed the service you received at the wedding, however big or small, don’t forget to write a glowing review. This can be on the business’s website or social media page, or on places like Trustpilot or TripAdvisor. You may have already settled the bill for your vendors, but 5 star reviews are priceless. And will be appreciated forever...

Adrienne Shoes Recommends…

We know that many engaged couples want to choose small businesses over large corporations that see them as just another statistic. We’ve worked in the wedding industry for quite a while now, so we’ve built up quite a comprehensive list of great vendors with excellent reputations. We believe the following small businesses are amazing at what they do, so we urge you to take a look at their social media pages and see if they can help bring your wedding vision to life.

Even if you don’t use them for your wedding, every social media follow, like, and share helps. And you never know, your share could lead to a bride and groom falling in love with them…

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For timeless yet think-outside-the-box wedding inspiration…

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Cakes and Sweet Treats

For a unique wedding cake that will not only look impeccable in pictures, but will taste delicious and leave your guests wanting more…

Blue Orchid Bakery

Ps: use their smaller cakes and sweet treats for a dessert table instead of/in addition to a wedding cake. Also perfect for bridal showers – an afternoon tea in someone’s home, perhaps?

Wedding Hair and Make-Up, Pampering, Preparation

For glamorous hair and make-up that will look flawless in real life as well as in pictures, and of course, last all day and all night. And probably next morning's breakfast buffet too…

Jade Walker Make-Up And Hair

For the ultimate pre and post wedding foot care…

Forbes Feet

Ps: we recommend taking care of your feet months before the wedding, in order to make your luxurious wedding shoes – hint, hint – pop!

Wedding Dresses, Bridalwear, Accessories

For that bespoke modern vintage bridal look…

Hazaar Of London

Ps: this brand focuses on bridal separates, making it even easier to mix and match and find the unique combination for your special day.

For the perfect solution to that backless wedding dress you’ve had your heart set on…


Ps: we love the diverse range of skin colours.

For those stylish, elegant and timeless brides…

Alice Rose Bridal

Ps: this brand has been featured in Vogue magazine, so it’s the perfect starting point for the fashionista bride.

For those unique, wow the crowd accessories that are perfect not only for the wedding but for any occasion where you want to stand out…

Stone & Mason

Wedding Photography

For expert-storytelling to capture the best and even the hidden moments of your special day…

Tracy Howl Weddings

For stunning photographs of the bride and groom, as well as the finer details in all their glory…

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Party Favours

For something utterly luxurious and a little bit different for your guests…

Heyland & Whittle

The natural handmade soap is made from the finest ingredients such as essential oils, herbs, and spices. Perfection!

Bridal Shoes

And for luxury bridal shoes, take a peek at our bridal boutique and see if anything takes your fancy...

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