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Post-Covid-19 Nuptials – How To Plan Your Wedding On A Budget

Updated: May 30, 2020

We won’t beat around the bush – thanks to Coronavirus/Covid-19, we are amidst a global pandemic that has left us confused, scared, panicked, and most of all, uncertain.

Our lives are filled with uncertainty at the best of times, and in these, seemingly the worst of times, it isn’t getting any better. We know that there are thousands if not millions of brides around the world whose wedding plans have been disrupted one way or another, and our hearts are breaking for every single one.

Brides in the very early planning stages have quite sensibly put their plans on hold, but others aren’t so lucky, and have had to make the difficult decision to postpone their weddings that were only a matter of months away. And for those brides-and-grooms-to-be who were dreaming of springtime 2020 nuptials who have had the devastating news that their weddings have been cancelled, most likely after paying their final venue and vendor deposits, we can’t even begin to imagine how they’re feeling.

However, we always like to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the rainbow at the end of the storm. Adrienne Shoes was created to bring brides joy on the most special day of their lives, and a global pandemic isn’t going to stop us. We still want to help brides and grooms every step of the way. No pun intended. So, if your wedding has been postponed or cancelled, or you are planning a wedding from scratch after taking a financial hit because of the current situation, we know that you’ll be after some savvy ways to save a few pennies.

Low budget doesn’t mean low quality, though. As well as doing our bit for brides, we’ve put together a few tips to help everyone save money on their big day, without dulling any of the magic…

Take advantage of the Coronavirus offers

Be a glass half full bride. Apart from spending time with our dogs, perhaps the best thing to come out of this pandemic is the discounts that are on offer at the moment. Yes, handwash and pasta might be more expensive than ever, but we aren’t going to complain too much if it means we get to save money on the good stuff.

Use your time in isolation to browse every single online shop for deals you can take advantage of when your wedding planning resumes. Apart from just before Christmas – when the glamorous gowns are out in force for party season – this is actually the best time to look for dresses as there are always weddings, Christenings and Ladies Day outfits to shop for. And because of our current situation, retailers are doing everything they can to entice shoppers, so discounts are practically rivalling Black Friday and January sales combined. Long, pastel dresses can be found in so many stores (we love browsing the likes of ASOS, Coast, Jane Norman, Chi Chi London and AX Paris for bridesmaid style dresses) so if you find a dress in every bridesmaid’s size, snap them up before they’re gone!

We wanted to do our bit for our brides too. Not only are we giving our brides 30% off their shoes, but we are extending our returns policy to 12 weeks – perhaps even longer if this pandemic goes on for longer than expected. This means that brides can take advantage of the discount without the pressure of having to return them during lockdown. Because we all know how stressful leaving the house is these days. It also means that you can buy the shoes first, and not feel rushed to find a matching wedding dress before the returns period is over. We’ve got you!


Make a list of the most important purchases, and work your way down. The wedding dress, shoes, and the groom’s suit and shoes are among the most important – along with the rings, venue and registrar – while things like table centre-pieces and party favours would be a lot lower down on the list.

We like the saying, “change your list, not your budget” to remind brides and grooms to not overspend.

Something old, and something borrowed

Never has “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” been more appropriate. Especially as far as the old and borrowed items are concerned. Don’t splash out on new jewellery – that’s what your wedding ring is for – and make the most of this tradition by asking stylish friends or family members to step in.

Borrowing your mother’s necklace or wearing your best friend’s bracelet will mean much more to you than any store-bought piece of jewellery would.

Weekday weddings

We bet you’ve already been to a weekday wedding, and it didn’t make a world of difference to the enjoyment of the day. Are we right?

Due to the increasing cost of weekend weddings, weekday weddings are becoming increasingly more popular, as they come with a much lower price tag attached. Don’t feel bad about asking your friends and family members to take one or two days off work – they will most likely jump at the chance to have a few days out of the office!

Having a wedding on a Wednesday as opposed to a Saturday could be the difference between getting the dress of your dreams and wearing something off the rack, or booking a great wedding band that would otherwise have a three-year waiting list for weekends. They will most likely be cheaper for weekdays too, so win, win!

The month matters too…

The day of the week isn’t the only thing that bumps the price up. The time of year has a huge part to play in wedding venue and vendor prices. April-September are traditionally the most expensive months – as well as December and New Year’s Eve, for obvious reasons – while January or February are two of the most budget friendly months.

We would certainly like having a January wedding to look forward to, to combat the post-Christmas blues…

Forgo the pro

Who needs one professional wedding photographer when you can have hundreds of photographers. Rather than hiring a professional photographer – who will treat you as just another client – why not trust your wedding guests who have a deeper connection with you to act as your photographers on your big day?

If you’re going for a retro, vintage vibe, we would suggest putting disposable cameras on each row during the ceremony. Not only will you save money, but you will have pictures captured from all sorts of different angles at the same time – something which no professional photographer can achieve on their own. If you want to keep things modern and make the most of high quality phone cameras, then encourage your guests to snap away on their mobile phones. Ask them to upload all their pictures on social media using the same hashtag, so you know where to find them!

Talented friends

This advice doesn’t just go for photographers. If you have a friend or family member with a particular talent, we recommend asking them to provide the service instead of giving you a wedding gift. Your baker friend would love to make your wedding cake, while your interior designer friend would relish the opportunity to give your venue a little make-over. Remember, they made it onto the guest-list for a reason, so they would all jump at the chance to help you out!

And who needs a DJ when your friend who always has the best Spotify playlist and who always knows the latest tracks before anyone else is around. Ask them to make a playlist, and all you’ll need to buy or hire is a powerful set of speakers.

Ditch the MUA

Hair stylists and make-up artists can charge a small fortune for the entire bridal party – especially if they are coming to your home. Finding a friend or family members who can help out – even if it’s just to do the bridesmaids and mother of the bride and groom, for example – can potentially save you hundreds of pounds.

Alternatively, have some pre-wedding girlie sleepovers where you all practice the same hair or make-up look several times. This way, everyone can do their own hair and make-up, and you also get to have fun together at the same time. Sounds good to us!

Be brutal with the guest list

We wouldn’t advise this if your wedding invitations have already gone out. However, if you’re in the early stages of your wedding planning, then we suggest revisiting the guest list and being harsh with who does and doesn’t make the cut.

One way of cutting down the numbers is to not allow children – unless they are bridesmaids or in the immediate wedding party. This also eliminates the stress of having an extra children’s menu to think about. Many couples also insist on no plus ones, unless they are engaged or married. Remember Pippa Middleton's infamous wedding rule: no ring, no bring? They were onto something there…

Change the venue

As the venue is one of the biggest expenses, it makes sense to look for more budget friendly options. This will be easier with a smaller guest list; and don’t be afraid to trim the guest list even more if you find a perfectly-priced venue that calls for fewer people.

If you have a friend or family member with a good sized garden, then that might be the perfect place to host your ceremony. The cost of a marquee and an external catering company will inevitably be cheaper than most venues with the added cost of food and drinks.

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