• Maria

5 Of Our Favourite FASHIONABLE Face Coverings

Yes, face coverings CAN be fashionable. And we’re going to prove it to you…

From the 24 July, face masks will become mandatory in all shops in a bid to try and slow the spread of COVID-19. (Wearing a mask alone doesn’t make you immune from Coronavirus, however. But wearing a mask in as many enclosed spaces as possible, alongside social distancing and hand hygiene, will certainly do its bit!)

As we still want to save the disposable masks for the NHS and other medical professionals, we are being encouraged to go down the reusable mask route. And that works out very well for us, because we can actually have a bit of fun with them. A surgical mask is definitely not going to go with the rest of our perfectly thought-out outfit (believe us, we’ve been planning our outfits for months during lockdown)!

If you haven’t got yours yet, or you just want to add even more to your collection – which is highly recommended since you have to replace them every four hours and wash them every single time after use, so it makes sense to have a few – then here are a few of our current favourites…

ASOS Animal Print Face Masks

asos leopard print mask asos tiger print mask

Carole Baskin, eat your heart out. These are the masks for all the cool cats and kittens (sorry, not sorry) in the world. If you want to command attention and show that you are still fierce and fearless in the height of a global pandemic, then we really couldn’t think of a better combination of masks.

Leopard print or tiger print, you don’t have to choose as you can have both! The ASOS animal print face masks are perfect to wear with a matching animal print dress, or just to jazz up an otherwise plain ensemble. Add to cart!

Black Antibacterial Face Masks

casetify black face mask pacamask antibacterial face mask

Just as the LBD has become a fashion staple, we predict that the LBFM – little black face mask, if you will – is going to have the same fate. Akin to a goes-with-everything black bag, a black face mask (or five) should be on your list if you want something versatile and hardworking.

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of black face coverings available, from chic and delicate ones to more sturdy ones that offer a bit more protection. We love the