January 2018

Beautifully tailor-made and bespoke bridal shoes… the perfect finishing touch for a 2018 wedding from Adrienne Shoes.

Perfectly cute and customisable, a sensational pair of bespoke bridal shoes will complete any big-day look. With the trend for personalising all things wedding set to continue and take 2018 by storm (just ask Meghan… or rather Prince Harry… we gather Meghan’s three-stone engagement ring included diamonds cut from Princess Diana’s jewellery…), why not treat your feet to the customisable too?


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September 2017

For beautifully bespoke bridal shoes, we (heart and sole) love Adrienne Shoes for their creative approach to customisability!

We just know you’re going to get along swimmingly with Adrienne. Any woman who follows her dream to lovingly craft unforgettable shoes for beautiful brides the world over gets our vote (and we think we may just have found a new best friend). With an ethos that follows the mantra: ‘Beautifully Created With Love’, Adrienne is in the business of making your bridal shoes dreams come true. We want to take her out for buttered scones already. Sharing your/my/all of our unbridled passion and joy for delectable and sumptuous treats for our feet, we are equally besotted with Adrienne Shoes’ unique take on creating a highly personalised pair of wedding shoes tailored just for you. Read on fellow shoe lovers, read on…!

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